Bebel Gilberto

So Nice(Keyboard chords)

Bebel Gilberto

Key: C
Someone to hold me tight, that would be very nice  
F#m7                      B7     
Someone to love me right, that would be very nice  
Someone to understand each little dream in  me 
Fm7                    Bb 
Someone to take my hand and be a team with me 

Em7  Edim                   Dm7 Bdim  
 So nice,     life would be so  nice  
E7/9                          Am7   
  If        one    day   I'd find 
D13  D9              Fmaj7                          Ab7       G7 
   Someone who would take my hand and samba through life with me 

Someone to cling to me, stay with me right or wrong  
F#m7                 B7     
Someone to sing to me some little samba song  
Someone to take my heart and give his heart to me  
Fm7                  Bb 
Someone who's ready to give love a start with me 

Em7  Edim                Dm7     Bdim  
  Oh yeah,    that would be so nice 
Cmaj7                  Fmaj7          Cmaj7 
I can see you and me, that would be  nice. 

(2nd time) 
Cmaj7                    Fmaj7                  Cmaj7 
Should it be you and me, I can see that would be nice. 

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