Superstar(Keyboard chords)


Key: G

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	        G               D                   Em      C 
Well, I spent my life dreaming super dreams. 
        G          D                       Em    C 
But I hate to wake cause it's then I see 
              G          D                  Em         C 
That I'm nothing more than a dreamer. 
         G              D                      Em       C 
Superstar in my dreams, I'm a dreamer. 
             G          D                     Em     C 
See the lights of stardom were calling me 
              G      D              Em               C 
Because only then someone I would be.  
           G        D              Em          C 
So my goal in life was to get there 
         G        D     Em     
Never satisfied 
C G I wanna be a star D Em C G D Em But is that all I'm really here for? C G D Em And if I'm not a star, will it be ok? C G D Em C Could I still be someone?
G D Em C Guess I'm scared to wake from these super dreams G D Em C Scared to live the life that's been waiting for me G D Em C What would life be like with no bright lights? G D Em C Tell me who I'd be with no spotlight? G D Em C God you'll have to say who I really am G D Em C Cause I can not live in this perfect dreamland. G D Em C But I've heard your dreams might be better G D Em C And I hope somehow they are Chorus Bridge C D Em F A superstar I may never be C D ; ; Em F And that is just a reality C D Why can't we be D God's superstars?
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