Audio Adrenaline

Leaving Ninety-Nine(Keyboard chords)

Audio Adrenaline

Key: C

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	        Verse 1: 
C                     Am       Em                  G 
I'm lost and broken, all a- lone on this road 
C                       Am          Em                   G 
the wheels keep turnin', but the feelin' is gone  
              F     C              G 
 when I fear I'm on my own 
Am         G           F      C       G   
You   remind me I am not a lone 
when You said 
                      C                         Am 
I'd leave ninety-nine leave them all behind  
    Em         F              G 
to find you for you a- lone   
               C                            Am                     Em        F        G 
I'd leave ninety-nine leave them all behind to find you 
Verse 2: 
  C                    Am               Em           G 
It's dark and lonely and the path is un- clear 
C                       Am                       Em              G 
can't move my feet because I'm frozen with fear   
               F                C              G      Am    G        F           C           G   
then you say, 'My child, my child - I am always here, I'm by your side' 
 F	                G 
You're never too far down  
I promise you'll be found    
                            Am         G          F 
I'll reach into the mud and mirely clay 
F                             G                           Em 
pursue you to the end like a faithful friend   
                      G                                     C    
nothing in this world can keep me a- way 
Am   Em  G   Am   Em  G 
Em        F   G 
to find you 


Written by Tyler Burkum/Ben Cissell/Bob Herdman/Will McGinniss

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