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Glory(Keyboard chords)

Audio Adrenaline

Key: G

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	        Note: the G D/F# A Bm riff is most of the song. Just listen to the CD and 
play around with it. 
G       D/F#  A          Bm   
You and me were meant to be 
G        D/F#          A     Bm 
A little lower than the angels 
    G        D/F#  A       Bm 
And on this ground I have found 
G        D/F#      A    Bm 
Finally found the reason 
        G D/F# A Bm  
To sing glory... 
I long to walk hand in hand 
Down a golden road with Father 
Where choirs of angels praise His name 
I want to learn 
To sing glory 
And I can't find the words to say 
Life gets in the way 
Lord You know my hearts desire 
        C                 B           Bb            D 
When it all comes down to who You are words can not convey 
        C                 B           Bb               D   D/E D/F# 
When it all comes down to who You are words get in the way 
Solo: F# - F - E - D (play around with it) 
Sold ends: F# - F - Bb - A 
You found it at E-Chords 
Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada 

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