Anthony Smith

If That Ain't Country(Keyboard chords)

Anthony Smith

Key: Ab7

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	        Anthony Smith:† 
If That Ain't Country

If That Ainít Country By Anthony Smith This is very, very close. I may be off by 1 or two notes but not much...after all the requests for this, I'm sure there are happy people now!!! Ab7 Ab7sus (not sure of chord name) E-3- -5- B-2- -2- G-2- -2- D-2- -2- A--- --- E--- --- Intro (4 measures per chord) Ab7 Ab7sus Ab7 Ab7sus Ab7 Where she grew up there ainít no roads Ab7sus Ab7 Ab7sus Out in the sticks where the ginseng grows Ab7 She float down the river to get to school Ab7sus Ab7 Ab7sus Then her daddy come and get her on a old pack mule Ab7 She run back and forth from shed to shack Ab7sus (strike once and stop) Checkiní on the moonshine brewin out back C D If you donít get the picture by now E Then wait a minute Chorus: D She got a bible she was born again A She got a shotgun she ainít afraid to sin B She got rebel rousiní rowdy friends (saying Ohh-o-o-o) D She got a trans am with a trailer hitch A She got horses,cows and dixie chicks B Goes honky tonkiní just for kicks D E And if that ainít country E D# D C A (use barre chords here to walk down the neck) I donít know what is Repaet intro here She blends fifty acres with seed and a hoe Come fall you get lost in the tall corn rows Dont need no phone where she come from She just hollers down the mountain and the boys all runÖfast You might see her truck rolling out of the woods With a twelve point buck laid across the hood If you dont get the picture by now Then wait a minute Chorus 2 times

Written by Anthony Smith/Jeffrey Steele

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