Anthony Pero

Lord of My Life(Keyboard chords)

Anthony Pero

Key: E

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	        Verse 1 
E                              Amaj7  E/G# 
Lord, You are my strength 
F#m7                 Bsus 
Lord, You are my life 
E          Bsus/D#   C#m7             C#m7/B   A 
I give to You, Lord, everything I am 
    Bsus         E 
O Lord of my life 
Lord of my life, 
Take this heart of clay 
       C#m7      B/D#          E       E/G# 
And mold me more each day 
Lord of my life 
                  Bsus      C#m7    C#m7/B 
Let me be more like You 
A                                          Bsus 
And show me, Lord, Your ways 
Lord of my life 

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