Amy Dalley

Men Don't Change(Keyboard chords)

Amy Dalley

Key: C#

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Intro: C  F  C  G x2 
         F                    C 
He was a bad boy and I was a good girl 
          Am      G             F 
He needed me to smooth out the edges 
                     F                          C 
Well, he'd get his drink on and flirt with the ladies 
      Am                G            F 
After two years of his crap, I quit beggin' 
       F               C 
I'm a magnet for the 'fixer-upper man' 
      Dm       Em*             F              G 
If I know it's fire, why do I let it burn my hand 

C F C G Cupid works for the devil, be suspicious if he cries C F C G You know sex is usually good, yeah but it ain't always right C F Am G Chocolate is a band-aid, no matter what they say F C <--(Am in 2nd chorus) Shoes don't stretch, and men don't change
(repeat intro) Verse 2: My friend Lisa, she loves a liar She found out about his other girlfriends He makes excuses, so she forgives him An' she swears she's gonna leave if he screws up again But he's good looking, that's why she don't see He's got her exactly where he wants her to be CHORUS Instrumental: Am G F C Dm Em* F G

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