Alan Jackson

The Sounds(Keyboard chords)

Alan Jackson

Key: F

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	        (Chord shapes relative to Capo) 
The Verse is picked and the Chorus is strummed 
Verse 1 (Picked) 
D            A               G                   D 
I can hear a heart beat that seems a little strong 
D          A                     G 
I can hear the things that I did wrong 
D              A           G               D 
I can hear her thoughts by lookin in her eyes 
D          A                 G     D 
I can hear all the times she cried 
Verse 2 
I can hear the memories as they echo off the wall 
Fallin from the pictures down the hall 
I can hear regret buildin up inside of me 
I can hear all the things I could not see 
Chorus (Strummed) 
              D           Em       G 
Those are the sounds of a woman leavin 
D                 A                G 
Stronger than the wind in a willow tree 
              D           Em       G 
Those are the sounds of a heart breakin 
          G               A               D   
You can't hear it but the noise is killin me 
Verse 2 
I should have heard it comin but I chose to pretend 
I should have recognised that sound way back then 
But I just wouldn't listen didn't want to all those years 
Now the truth is ringin clearly in my ears 



Written by Alan Jackson

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