Woman Back Home(Keyboard chords)


Key: A

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Intro: (Dsus2)  (G)  (A)  (Dsus2)  (G)  (A)  (Dsus2)  
(G) I (A) got her in my (Dsus2) heart (G) and I (A) got her in my (Dsus2) head. 
(G) I (A) got her in (Dsus2) love (G) and I (A) got her in (Dsus2) bed. 
(G) I (A) got her (Dsus2) thank (G) for (A) all I (Dsus2) own. 
(G) If it (A) wasn't for her (Dsus2) love, (G) I'd (A) be all a(Dsus)lone. 
	(G) She's (A) my (D) woman back home that (A) treats me (G) right, 
	(D) Early in the mornin' to (G) late at (D) night. 
	It doesn't really matter. Any (A) time's all (G) right. 
	Wish my (D) woman back home was (G) here tonight to (A) hold me tight. 
(Dsus2)  (G)  (A)  (Dsus2) 
(G) (A) Thinkin' 'bout her (Dsus2) now (G) in my (A) hotel (D) room. 
(G) I'm (A) wonderin' (Dsus2) when (G) and I'm (A) hopin' it's (Dsus2) soon. 
(G) I (A) see her (Dsus2) smile (G) and her (A) eyes are (D) green. 
(G) She's the (A) prettiest (Dsus2) girl (G) my (A) eyes have ever (Dsus2) seen. 
Repeat Chorus Twice and fade out... 


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