Ride The Train(Keyboard chords)


Key: A

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	        Intro: A  E  D  A 
A                  D             E            A 
The Orange Blossom Special   the Wabash Cannonball    
                    D         F#m             E  
the Chatanooga choo choo this hobo's seen 'em all 
     A                 D          E                 D   
I've watched the Santa Fe lay her smoke against the sky   
    A               D             E                   A   
and listened to old number three  rollin' through the night 
                 A  D            A         
CHORUS: Ride the train  ride the train  anywhere I'm goin'  
       D                                    A 
I ride train  sleepin' in a box car when it rains 
         D  E           A 
ride the train ride the train 
A            D            E          A 
The Southern Pacific  the Overland Express   
                  D              F#m             E    
and up ahead, the coal car  with West Virginia's best    
    A          D          E              D 
and Oklahoma's Frisco the biggest one of all  
     A               D              E                 A 
I've listened to the silver steeds  lonesome midnight call 
     G  D  A  
END: Tra---in  


Written by Teddy Gentry

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