Should I Laugh Or Cry(Keyboard chords)


Key: A#

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INTRO   A   D/A  (repeat) 
D/A   x0423 
(VERSE) (A) He (D/A) (A) stands (D/A) (A) towering (D/A) over (E/G#bass) me beside my bed (F#m) 
Losing his (B/D#bass) head  (E/D) 
(A) Tells (D/A)  (A) me (D/A) (A) I must (D/A) take him (A) seri (B) ous (C#) ly 
Droning on(F#m/C#bass)  the (C#) usual way 
He's (A) such a (E/G#bass) clever guy (F#m) 
(A) Then I (D/A) wonder should I laugh or cry (A)  (D/A)  (A)   (D/A) 
(VERSE) He's (he's) dressed (dressed) in the striped pajamas that I bought 
Trousers too short 
Gives (gives) me (me) all his small philosophy 
Carries on the way he does 
And me I get so tired 
And I wonder should I laugh or cry 
(Chorus) (D) High and (Bm) mighty his (E) banner (A) flies 
(D) A fool's (E) pride in his (C#m) eyes 
(D) Standing (Bm) there on his (F#m/C#bass) toes to (C#) grow in size(F#m) (G/A)  (A) 
(All I see is) 
All I see is a big balloon 
Halfway up to the moon 
He's wrapped up in a warm and safe cocoon 
(B/D#bass) Of an eternal lie (A/Ebass) 
(D/E) So should I laugh or (A) cry  (D/A) 
(VERSE) Strange (strange) how (how) dangerously indifferent I have grown 
Cold as a stone 
No (no) more (more) pain where there was pain before 
Far away he rambles on, I feel my throat go dry 
And I wonder should I laugh or cry 
D/E   xx2232 
G/A   x03211 
C#m   x46654 
E/D   xx0100 


Written by Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus

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