Zane Williams

99 Bottles(Chords)

Zane Williams

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Key: A
          A                                               B7 
Well on a day hot enough to make the devil cuss, I walked into a bar so thirsty I was spittin' dust 
E                                                 A                           E 
Bar keep asked me, 'Well what'll it be?' I asked 'What do ya got?', he said, 'Well let's see..' 
       A                                         B7 
We got Lonestar, PBR, Rolling Rock, Shiner Bock, Moosedrool, O'douls, Hefe-Weizen, Zeigenbock 
E                                                  A             E            
Keystone, Coors Light, course we've got Redstripe, Amstel, Amsterdam in the tall can. 
A                                                  B7 
Michelob, Miller Lite, Guinness by the Pint Glass, Doppleboch Lager take his wallet cause 
it's going fast 
E                                       A                       E 
Oatmeal stout and a lot a Leinenkugals, open up your wallet, no time to be frugal 
        A                               B7  
There's 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, 
E                                           A 
Take one down pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall 

            A                                          B7 
Well needless to say I was pretty impressed, as he handed me an ice cold beer from a chest 
E                                 A                           E 
Said not bad for a Hole-in-the-wall. Bar Keep grinned said 'That Ain't All!' 
        A                                  B7  
We got Rio Grande, River Rock, Tecate with the twist top. dos Perros, Dos XX, Foster if your Aussie. 
E                                  A                                  E 
Bud Light in the new Zane Williams Koozie, A dozen wheat beers on tap if you're choosy! 
        A                                               B7 
Got Heinekin, Killians, Bats and Becks, Ice cold Corona with the Limes in the neck 
E                                    A                                 E 
Xinling chillin' with the old Milwaukee's Best, Sam Adams and that ain't even half 
 of the rest of them 
      A                     B7 
98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer! 
E                                            A 
Take one down, pass it around, 97 bottles of beer on the wall 


Well now I settled down with my favorite brew, I ordered me another and before I knew 
It was 2 AM and I was under a table being choked by a dude that smelled like a stable 
And finally I was able to throw him through the screen door, pick up my hat off the hardwood floor 
Get on back to the bar keeps daughter, Who was putting 'Pop a Top' on the juke box dancing non- 
stop and sippin' on a beer that I bought herm We were drinkin' it like it was water  
There were cowgirls everywhere wearing their pretty hair down to their derriere and there were: 
2 more bottles of beer on the wall, 2 more bottles of beer. 
We took one down, and passed it around, one more bottle of beer on the wall 

One more bottle of beer on the wall, one more bottle of beer 
We raised it up high, and drained it dry and there were no more bottles of beer on the wall 

So we started on the Cuervo, Bacardi Gold Margaritas, straight Tequilla, Jim Bean, George Dickle,  
then we wet our whistle with a  
Single malt scotch. Peach schnapps in a jello shot, Captain Morgan, pour some more of them 
Sider Sliders, Flyin Tigers, Dr. Pepper for the designated drivers 
Everclear, Absolut and Amaretto, I don't remember much, but I never will forget those 

99 Bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer 
There ain't nothin finer than an Ice Cold Shiner in 99 bottles of beer on the wall 
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