Hang You Up(Chords)


Key: D

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Intro : D 

D                    G 
I cannot hold this anymore 
D                          G 
My hands are tired of only waiting  
to let go 
         Bm        G - Gm 
And I am waiting still 
D                      G 
I used to know which way to turn 
D                       G 
You were the light inside a tunnel  
in my head 
       Bm        G 
I try to follow still 
      D             G 
I try to follow still 

Bm              D 
It's hard to see you 
      G       D  
We are older now 
D             Bm               G       D 
And when I find you, you just turn around      
D          Bm	        G            D 
This is a black and white of you I found 
D             Bm               G       D 
I hang you up and then I pull you down 
D                  Bm           G   D 
I hang you up and then I pull you down 

No more apologies from me 
My arms are tired of picking up what I put down 
You're all I think of still 
I'm gonna miss you every day 
I turn my back on anyone who won't believe 
And it gets lonely still 
It gets lonely still 

Back to Chorus 


Bm G D F#m Bm A Dm A  

G            Bm      
I get lost sometimes 
         D          G 
Another year flies by 
But I know if I try 
Memories of the light in your eyes 
D          Bm        G 
Can take me back in time 

Back to *Chorus 

D                       G 
I don't hear music anymore 
D                         Bm                 D                               
My ears are tired of all the pictures in the words 
Bm                     G 
'Cause you are in them still

Written by William Ryan Key/Sean Mackin/Ryan Mendez

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