X Japan

Art Of Life(Chords)

X Japan

Key: C

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	        Intro: C  B7  

Desert Rose 
Why do you live alone? 
 If you are sad 
              C            B7 
I'll make you leave this life 
Em                       D 
  Are you white, blue or bloody red? 
C      Am                     D    B7   Em 
 All I can see is drowning in cold grey sand 

The winds of time 
You knock me to the ground 
 I'm dying of thirst 
I wanna run away 
C                           G      C  Bm 
 I don't know how to set me free to live 
D        B7                Em   D 
 My mind cries out feeling pain 
     G               B7 
I've been roaming to find myself 
    C                        D 
How long have I been feeling endless hurt? 
        G                  B7 
Falling down, rain flows into my heart 
       C        A           D 
In the pain I'm waiting for you 
B7       Em 
Can't go back 
No place to go back to 
        A             C 
Life is lost, Flowers fall 
B7          Em 
If it's all dreams 
Now wake me up 
If it's all real 
B7         Em 
 Just kill me

Written by Yoshiki Hayashi

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