Key: Dm

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Intro: Dm 

Em                   Bm               G       Em 
an unwilling sailor adrift from Artic waters 

Em                          Bm           G      Em 
as the water gets warmer my iceberg gets smaller 

     Bm                     F#m 
as he pours more petrol on, he feels no fear 

     Em                   Am                Dm     Em 
as the flames get nearer, his thoughts gets clearer 

Em                      Bm              G    Em 
A blue white polar bear arrives at the end 

Em                           Bm             G    Em 
diverting his attention, his feelings froze over 

    Bm           F#m       Em             Am 
im only a runaway A W O L, at the logical start 

    Bm                      F#m     Em                       Am Dm Em 
not present at the present,     overboard with limited future 

    Bm                      F#m 
and im standing alone still getting a thrill 

         Em                  Am         Dm    Em 
while the ship is afloat hes losing his boat

Written by Graham Lewis/Colin Newman

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