Willie Nelson

The Border(Chords)

Willie Nelson

Key: Am

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	        Intro Am 

Verse 1:

Am I work on the border Am I see what I see G I work on the border Am And it's working on me

Verse 2:

Am I lie awake at night Am Knowing what I know G There's a price on my head Am Of every border patrol

Verse 3:

Am Where the smugglers do business Am That's where I make a stand G I know this old desert Am Like the back of my hand

Verse 4:

Am I see greed in the bushes Am I see snakes in the dark G Some are friends of my brothers Am Can't you hear them dogs bark
F I come home to Maria C At the end of the day F In thе shape of a shadow G Holding demons at bay Am 'It's just a border' thеy say

Verse 5:

Am It was Mexican soldiers Am Out of a black Humvee G With their guns to their shoulders Am Aimed at my partner and me

Verse 6:

Am As they drove away laughing Am But the message was clear G We don't care about nothing Am But the money down here
F I come home to Maria C In a bulletproof vest F With the weight of the whole wide world G Barring down on my chest Am It's just a border I guess


Em Am From the shacks and the shantys Em Am Come the hungry and poor Em Am Some to drown at the crosses F Some to suffer no more

Verse 7:

Am Guess you heard about Campos Am And Ramien G Both of them friends of mine Am Both good men

Verse 8:

Am They did one thing right Am And look what they got G Federal prison Am Where they're both going to rot
F I come home to Maria C Where else would I go F Cross the River to die by myself G Down In old Mexico Am It's just the border y'know

Written by Willie Nelson

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