Willie Nelson

Pancho And Lefty(Chords)

Willie Nelson

Key: C

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Living on the road my friend  
Is gonna keep you free and clean  
Now you wear your skin like iron  
C                         G  
Your breath as hard as kerosene  
Weren't your mama's only boy  
        C               F  
But her favorite one it seems  
    Am                    F    C    G  
She began to cry when you said goodbye  
    F              Am        
And sank into your dreams  
Pancho was a bandit boys   
his horse fast as polished steel  
He wore his gun outside his pants  
    C                       G  
For all the honest world to feel  
But Pancho met his match you know   
C                       F  
on the deserts down in Mexico  
Am               F  C  G     
Nobody heard his dying words   
F                        Am  
ah but that's the way it goes  

F All the Federales say C F they could have had him any day Am F C G They only let him slip away F Am out of kindness I suppose
C Lefty he can't sing the blues G all night long like he used to F The dust that Pancho bit down south C G ended up in Lefty's mouth F When they laid poor Pancho low C F Lefty split for Ohio Am F C G Where he got the bread to go F Am there ain't nobody knows CHORUS C Poets tell how Pancho fell G and Lefty's living in a cheap hotel F The desert's quiet and Cleveland's cold, C G And so the story ends we're told F Pancho needs your prayers it's true C F but save a few for Lefty too Am F C G He only did what he had to do F Am and now he's growing old CHORUS And that's pretty much it... I think.

Written by Townes Van Zandt

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