Willie Nelson

If I Had My Way(Chords)

Willie Nelson

Key: E

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	        E7 A            F#7                B7             E7 
If    I had my way dear, forever there?d be. 
    A             F#7        B7              E7 
A garden of roses for you and for me.	 
    A                    C#7                   D          A 
A thousand and one things dear I would do. 
            B7               E7 
Just for you, just for you. 
   A           F#7                   B7             E7  
If I had my way dear we?d never grow old. 
        A                 C#7            D         F#7       Bm 
And sunshine I?d bring every day.	 
                  D           C#               D                F#7 
You would reign all alone, like a queen on a throne. 
     B7   E7  A  
If I had  my  way.   


Written by James Kendis/Lou Klein

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