Willie Nelson

Drinking Champagne(Chords)

Willie Nelson

Key: E

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	        E                  (C#m or C#m7)             F#m7    B7  
Drinking champagne feeling no pain till early morning 
F#m7                     B7                      E    
Dining and dancing with every pretty girl I can find 
E                         (C#m ali C#m7)               F#m7     B7 
I'm having a fling with a pretty young thing till early morning 
F#m7                   B7                     E 
Knowing tomorrow I'll wake up with you on my mind.  
B7                  E      B7              E 
Guilty conscience I guess (al)though I must confess 
B7                                   E 
I never loved you much when you were mine

Written by Bill Mack Smith

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