Willie Nelson

A Dreamer's Holiday(Chords)

Willie Nelson

Key: A

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	        Amaj7          C#m7(IV)      G#7  
Climb aboard a butterfly and take off in the breeze,  
C#7                             F#7              
Let your worries flutter by and do the things you please,  
D               Dm7                A                F#7  
In the land where dollar bills are falling off the trees,  
D             Dm6    E7  
On a dreamer's hol-i-day.  
Amaj7        C#m7(IV)              G#7  
Ev'ry day for breakfast, there's a dish of scrambled stars,  
C#7                                   F#7  
And for luncheon, you'll be munchin' rainbow candy bars;   
D              Dm7(V) Fdim     A            F#7  
You'll be livin' a-la-mode on Jupiter and Mars  
D              E7     D9  - Bbmaj7 - A  
On a dreamer's hol-i-day.  
 Bm7      E7     A     F#m    Bm7          E7     A     A7  
Make it a long vacation;     time there is plenty of.  
   C#m7     F#7    B7           D             D6      E7  
You need no res-er-va-tion -- just bring the one you love.  
Amaj7           C#m7(IV)        G#7  
Help yourself to happiness and sprinkle it with mirth,  
C#7                                  F#7  
Close your eyes and concentrate and dream for all you're worth;  
D                Dm7(V)  Fdim      A      Fdim(III) F#7  
You will feel ter-rif-ic when you get back down to earth  
D                E7  A  
From a dreamer's holiday.  
Repeat Bridge:  
Repeat Final Verse:  
Bm7/5-           Gdim    A6  
From a dreamer's hol-i-day.  


Written by Kim Gannon/Mabel Wayne

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