Vous Live

My Saviour(Chords)

Vous Live

Key: C

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verse 1 
C                            F 
You save me, you died for my life 
Am                           F 
You cleanse me, your blood paid the price 
C                             F 
You love me, heavens arms open wide 
Am                    G           F    G   Am  G/B 
You teach me, live by sight not by sight 
C G I will trust in your promise Am F All I want is you Jesus C/E Your life brought victory G Grace bought my destiny Am Love has won F Fm I'm Free
verse 2 C F You reach me, in the dark your light shines Am F You keep me, only you satisfy C F You heal me, every part of my life Am G F G Am G/B You hear me, as I worship you God Bridge Am You are the one I want G You are the one I need F Your love has set me free F G Forever my Saviour Tag Am My Saviour G My Saviour F My Saviour
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