Hoi Polloi(Chords)


Key: D

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	        D                       F#m7 
We've been invited to a cocktail party 
A                  Bb C 
Over by the palace wa-a-ll 
D                                 F#m7 
I've not been dressed up since my graduation 
A                      D C# 
Haven't been around at all 

Bm                                   G 
Look what happens when you reach the top 
The whole world is your oyster 
You walk 'round like a bleeding fop 

E Amaj7 Meet me outside the curiosity shop E G6 No need to bring money A D Life can be so funny G C A When you're hangin' around with the hoi polloi
The countess wipes her nose upon her sleeve Doesn't think that we can see The duke of astinbury has to leave He's afraid to dance with me Look what happens when you've got it made Everyone respects us No more mingling with the local trade Chorus As the hostess checks the sky for rain Her fifteen year old daughter Drives the patriarchal letch insane Chorus F C Bb Bbm We'll be hangin' around with the hoi polloi (repeat)

Written by Utopia

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