Everybody Else Is Wrong(Chords)


Key: G

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G                            F#7 
At the edge of the world the sun pouring down 
   Fmaj7           Em7 
We must be heading home 
     B+       B7 
I completely agree 
               Bm7                            E7    A 
I've just been waiting for the right words to come along 

G F Everybody else is wrong Eb D A Doesn't everyone concur, oh no G F Thank you for the vote of confidence Eb D B7 I feel so much surer now that everybody else is wrong
In the prime of one's life, one must be aware It's such a weary job But I've made up my mind I've just been waiting for the right choice to come along Chorus Please don't turn out the light, my pen is on fire The masterpiece revealed Put your wallets in hand If you've been waiting for the answer to come along Chorus

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