Toni Price

Thank You For The Love(Chords)

Toni Price

Key: Am

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	        Price                                 Written by: Michael Keck 
       Am                    E                                          F  
I love what you do to me,   love what you make me see.....about reality. 
       Am                     E  
        F                            G 
And it's true, you're just right for me,    know what's gonna be,  you  
always satisfy me. 
                             Am                             C  
                  F                                          G 
You call me in the mornin',   tellin' me you love me,  tellin' me you need  
me,  makes everything alright. 
                              C                                  G  
You give me good feelings, give me good feelings yeah, give me good feelings. 
E             (walk down F  G  
)          Am                                       C 
Ohhhh,  I want to thank you for the love.   Thank you for the heartache 
Thank you for the tears I've cried,   Thank you for all those lies. 
               Am                                     E  
                  F                                      G 
And your love, your love is just right on time.  I'm proud to say you're  
mine.     You always satisfy me. 
               Am                             E  
               F                                         G 
Oh no....I could never hold you back,    I'm in love and that's a  
fact.  You know just what your doin' to me. 
C                                                    F  
When you put your arms around me,  wash my cares away, makes me feel so  
close to you baby. And it happens all the time. 
                               C                                     G 
You give me good feelings, you give me good feelings....... 
 From the album 'Midnight Pumpkin' 
Uh, I figured this progression out w/o the album, it works, but is not  
exactly what is played!? 
Submitted by: Laurie M.  [email protected]

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