Tommy Alverson

Texas Woman(Chords)

Tommy Alverson

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Key: D
D                                 Em 
  I've always been through live a searchin 
G       A                  D 
  Never findin that pot of gold 
G-D                           Em 
  Maybe the rainbow stretches much too far 
G         A                D 
  Even my hopes and dreams untold 
Dadd9 D                                   Em 
  Well it's a day in the wet and the rain's pourin down 
G                A          D 
  Thinkin bout a woman and another distant town 
G-D                  Em 
  I got my mind on a woman down Texas way 
G         A                      D 
  Thinkin more about her and the reasons I shoulda stayed 
G D             Em 
  Texas woman I love on you 
G              A              D 
  Nothin could ever change my way 
G D               Em 
  Texas woman you know my love is true 
G         A                Dadd9 
  I'll be back for you someday 
D    Em 
G    A   D 
G D                        Em 
  My Texas woman's kind of special don't ya see? 
G                    A                      D 
  There ain't nobody love me quite like she can 
D                                Em 
  She's plain and natural like I want her to be 
G              A                     D 
  She makes me feel like a hell of a man 
G D 
Chorus x 2 
I have the pickups written as accurately as I can get them, 
but the song also sounds fine without them, especially played 
solo.  Some of the words are hard to understand on the recording 
so I did my best there also.  
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