Tommy Alverson

I Don't Think I'll Go To Mexico(Chords)

Tommy Alverson

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Key: D
D G I don't think I'll go across the boarder into Mexico A D I'm gonna sit right here by my ol' campfire D G Just me and my ol' guitar underneath Terlingua stars A G D A I'm gonna sit right here all night and watch the ol' sunrise
(Verse one) D I've been pickin with my friends, G But it seems like they've all turned in A D I can't make myself go you know the fire's just right D That ol' guitar sounds so good G you know they say it's all in the wood A G D A I think it just might be the Terlingua choir Chorus: (Verse two) D Well I'm in no shape to drive, G I might not make it back alive A You see I'm having way too much fun D Here on the Texas side D Tell Jose I said Buenos Dias G Maybe next year he'll get to see us A G D A We'll have a cold beer or two and stay a little while Repeat Chorus as desired......
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