Tommy Alverson

How Good A Bad Woman Feels(Chords)

Tommy Alverson

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Key: A
A                                           D 
I remember it well as he road into town one day, 
          E                                          A 
'Neth the hat that was black, top the horse that was grey. 
His eyes were red, his face unshaved, and his spurs were a shiney steel. 
    E                                                        A      
His shirt was stained with tobbaco, and his lips cracked and peeled. 
Silver concho lined his belt, and buckle was trimmed in gold 
        E                                                          A 
And the brand on the grey was a firey display of a man now growin' old. 
         F#m                                               D         
Well his voice was gruff and his boots were scuffed as he entered those  
swingin' doors. 
       F#m                                                           D       
With a back that was bent he ordered whisky straight up he drank it down, 
 wanted more. 
       A                                    D                         
With a stare as sharp as a razors edge, his vision was not all clear 
        E                                                A     
He said boys, I got memories of how good a bad woman can feel. 
               E               D         E      
He said do you know how good a bad woman feels 
       A                     D                 
Like a good straight shot of whisky 
   at the end of the trail 
You know life is hard and she a soft place to fall 
       D                  A      
and at any price, she's a steal 
                       E         A     
Do you know how good a bad woman feels 
(SOLO)   F#m        D          A          E      A      E 
   A                                     D                      
By now a crowd had gathered to hear this old man tell his tale 
          E                                                             A      
And as he wiped the sweat from his thin grey brow, He said I've had my fill. 
He walked outside and stepped into the saddle as the grey truned and wheeled. 
But I'll never forget what the old cowboy said 'bout how good a bad woman can 
Repeat Chorus 
         F#m                                        D                    A     
He said, I've seen it all, took some bad falls and delt me some crooked deals 
                      E         D                       A         E A 
And I know how good a bad woman feels.            Yo-De-La-Eeeee 
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