Tommy Alverson

Don't Think Go To Mexico(Chords)

Tommy Alverson

Key: D

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	        From the CD   On The Jukebox Submitted by:  Wes Wilson ([email protected]) 
Intro Chords:  D  G  Em  A  D  (repeat 2 times) 
D G Em I don?think I? go, cross the border into Mexico A D I?gonna stay right here by my old campfire. G Em Just me and my old guitar, underneath Terlingua stars A I?gonna sit right here all night, D and watch the old sunrise.
D Well I? been pickin?ith my friends G but it seems like they? all turned in. Em A I can?make myself go, you know the fire?just right. D My old guitar sounds so good, G Em you know they say it?all in the wood. A But I think it just might be the Terlingua quiet, it's so quiet. (Repeat Chorus, then instrumental break-same chords.) D I ain?in no shape to drive, G Em I might not make it back alive. A D Besides I?having way too much fun here on this side. D Tell Jose I said ?enos Dios? G Em Maybe next year he? get to see us. A D We? have a cold beer or two and stay a little while. (Repeat Chorus 3 times with slight variations on the words)

Written by Tommy Alverson

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