Tom Connors

Marten Hartwell Story(Chords)

Tom Connors

Key: F
(F)Lost up in (C)no-man's land In the (G7)Northwest Terri(C)tories They were (F)lost up in (C)no-man's land The (G7)Marten Hartwell (C)story The (G7)Marten Hartwell (C)story
On November the 8th of '72 (G7)North of the Arctic (C)Circle A plane took off from Cambridge Bay And the (G7)pilot's name was (C)Hartwell He (F)had to make it to (C)Yellowknife Al(G7)though the night was (C)stormin' To (F)save the lives of an (C)Eskimo boy And a (G7)pregnant Eskimo (C)woman. 'Oh, Mr. Hartwell,' said the nurse 'I (G7)pray that you will (C)guide us To save this woman with her child And the (G7)boy with appendi(C)citis.' But the (F)wind, it blew and the (C)storm, it grew And the (G7)signal of Kan(C)twoita <-- 'Kantwoita'? They (F)missed by miles and (C)flying wild They (G7)crashed beside Lake (C)Hota. Chorus Now Judy Hill, the federal nurse She (G7)never lived to (C)waken And the life of the mother and her child Were G7)both soon after (C)taken But the (F)pilot woke to (C)find himself And the (G7)Eskimo boy were (C)livin' (F)Left in pain be(C)side the plane To (G7)search the skies of (C)heaven. Day by day the pilot lay With (G7)both his ankles (C)broken And it took the lad everything he had To (G7)keep the fire Cstokin' While (F)in the sky too (C)far away The G7)rescue team were (C)seakin' A (F)signal wave that (C)might be traced The (G7)Hartwell's radio (C)beacon Chorus After nineteen days the aerial search Was (G7)said to be com(C)pleted Until someone cried, 'They're still alive And the (G7)search must be re(C)peated.' And the (F)day the beep was (C)finally heard Was the (G7)day we'll all re(C)member A (F)man was found (C)safe and sound On the (G7)9th day of De(C)cember. Hartwell said he should have died At (G7)35 below (C)zero And the reason Hartwell did survive The G7)boy had died a (C)hero, 'He (F)brought me food when I (C)couldn't move While (G7)he himself grew (C)feeble Yes, (F)Davy Koutouk (C)died a saint And a (G7)credit to his (C)people (F)Davy Koutouk (C)died a saint And a (G7)credit to his (C)people.' Chorus (repeat last line of chorus slowly) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Dennis Hiebert [email protected] -----------------------------25628142999314--

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