Toh Kay

Sick And Sad(Chords)

Toh Kay

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Key: C
Capo on 5th fret

Intro:  C F C G 

    C                   F            C             G 
       V       V ^      V       V ^     V ^     V     V       V ^ 

    F               C 
       V       V ^    V ^     V ^ 

C F Sick and sad again, C G sometimes I'd like the rain to end. C F Sick and sad again, C G F C sometimes I like to stand on my own two feet.
Verse: C Em Went to the corner of second and main Am but there was someone there who mentioned F C G that they hoped it would rain forever, forever, F C so they could drown in peace. C Em Went down to the Hodskin P.L. Am But there was nobody to answer F C G when I rang the doorbell forever, forever. F C So now I'm sad all the time. Chorus Humming part (Play verse chords) Verse: C Em Today was the day but she threw it all away Am and I could never understand F C G 'cause she was never one to play by the rules of the game F C her and me we're so the same. C Em I try so hard and I never give in, Am F and I am never going do, so pack it up, pack it in, C So there, but I don't care, G F I can fade away to anywhere don't stop, C because you might get dropped Chorus Humming part: C F C G C F C G F C Chorus C G F C Sometimes I like to stand on my own two feet.
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