Toh Kay

Dear Sergio(Chords)

Toh Kay

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Key: Am
Am F G C 
Am Dm F G 

    Am                   F                            G               C  (Cmaj9) 
Run, run, run all you do is run but you?ll never run away from yourself. 
  Am                         Dm                         F                               G 
I know it?s hard but you?ve been there before and you know you?re gonna be there again. 
Am                   F                            G                       C  (Cmaj9) 
I don?t care what the stars may say, they always feed their bullshit to me. 
  Am                         Dm                         F                             G 
It?s kinda sad how you lost what you had and you?re never gonna have it again and so I say: 

C G Dm Am Hey Sergio, you?ve got to get us out of here, and so I say: C G Dm Am Hey Sergio, it?s kind of getting hot in here, and so I say: C G Dm Am Hey Nanana na na na
INTRO (Whistled) (2x) VERSE Am F G C (Cmaj9) Every other day you don?t care what they say because they always leave you two steps behind. Am Dm F G You try to smile and it lasts for a while but they always send you back to the start. Am F G C (Cmaj9) Eenie meenie miney mo they shoot down everyone you know and then they leave you there all alone. Am Dm F G You wish they?d stop but they never give up and you know deep inside that you?re stuck and so I say:
Am F G C (Cmaj9) Sergio laughed for the last time today, He said ?It never really bothered me: we all have dues to pay? Am Dm F G Like a man that?s cut off at the knee, he hobbles and hobbles because nothing is free. Am F G C (Cmaj9) So you wake up, wake up, wake up but don?t cry because you?ll fuck up your make up Am Dm F G and if you do, you won?t get laid, you won?t make money, no you won?t get paid. Am F G C (Cmaj9) And you act so free, you act so free, everybody?s happy because you act so free Am Dm F G Well you might fool them, but you can?t fool me with your mindless chatter like Am F G C ?I don?t need them, I don?t need help, I don?t even need to see the end.'
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