Tobie Keath

Doublewide paradise(Chords)

Tobie Keath

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Key: G
(G)I don't want to(D)cry, I(C)don't want to(D)walk the floor, 
(G)This mobile (D)home, don't (C)feel like(D)home no(G)more, D C D 
(G)Since you(D)left, it's(C)freezin'(D)cold, 
(G)And baby(D)that(C)cool(D) 
(D)I'm waitin' on you..... 
(G)Here at the(D)Pondersa(C)Trailor(D)Park, 
(G)Ther wasn't(D)nothin' that could(C)keep us a(D)part, 
(D)Then I broke your heart, in our.... 
(G)come on(D)back to our(C)doublewide(D)para(G)dise, 
(G)I bought a(D)swimming pool,(C)from the(D)man at Sears, 
(G)He put(D)it together,(C)I filled it(D)up with(G)tears, D C D 
(G)Can't find no(D)happiness,(C)no matter(D)what I do, 
(G)Just cause I(D)got the treasures(C)of the(D)world, 
(G)It don't mean(D)nothin'(C)If I(D)ain't got you(G)girl, D C D 
(G)Inside my(D)castle,(C)I got the king size(D)blues__, 
(D)I'm waitin' on you, 
(G)So baby(D)when you get, to(C)feelin' a(D)lone, 
(G)You know I(D)always leave (C)my porch light(D)on__, 
(D)So you can come back home___, to our... 
REPEAT Chorus:  
(G)We can(D)have a second(C)honey(D)moon, 
(G)We'll throw some(D)ribs on the(C)bar-be-(D)que__, 
(D)Just like we use to do__, in our.... 
REPEAT Chorus:  
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