The Appeal(Chords)


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Key: Dm
This is pretty easy. It's just the backing rhythm, or voicings if you prefer. 

Toadies: The Appeal 

Intro/Verse: Dm-A-Bb-F x 2,  then C x 8 or 16, 
I guess there isn't really a Chorus... 

Dm                             A  
I wish I could tell you the way that I feel 

Bb                                F 
I know that I failed you so, this is my appeal  

Dm                                A 
I just want to give you a little peace of mind 

Bb                                      A 
Two roads that got us here. What did we find? 

C-C-C-C -C/Bb-C/Bb-C/Bb-C/Bb 
We've both been blind.... 

C/Bb x3231x or x35050 

That's pretty much it. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, just keep em  
To yourself. I gives no fucks ;p 
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