Title Fight

Receiving Line(Chords)

Title Fight

Key: G

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G                 C    Em  F 
I cut my hair on Tuesday, 
G                           C    Em  F              
I thought it would help you stay away. 
G                 C    Em  F 
From the New York subway, 
G          C    Em F         
world unraveling. 

Am F   Am F 

G                    C   Em F 
We drove my car that weekend, 
G                  C     Em F   
100 miles barely speaking. 
G            C   Em F     
9am heavy breathing,  
G             C    Em  F    
try to figure out the meaning. 

C G Em F (4x during Chorus) 

'I'm sorry for your loss' 
You probably get that a lot. 
We didn't have to talk,  
you probably get that... 

G                 C  Em F 
And to think I felt fine,  
G                   C  Em F 
I'll take that as a sign. 


G                C  Em                 F 
Today I'm a stranger... in a receiving line.

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