Tim Minchin

Guilt Song (fuck The Poor)(Chords)

Tim Minchin

Key: F

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	        F			G		Em		Am 
I would be a liar if I pretended I admire 
		F				G				C		 
The red-light windscreen-cleaning empire that you?ve built. 

F			G			Em			Am 
But my heart is good it?s not a thing of stone and wood 
			F		G		C 
I?ll give you 50 cents to take away my guilt. 

C		G			Am				Em 
I give money to folk who just don?t have enough, 
		Am			Em				F 
To try to justify the future purchases of stuff 
G		C			G 
That I don?t need. 
C			G		Am			Em 
I know that one less Vodka Cranberry tonight 
		Am				Em				F 
Could probably feed some foreign family for a fortnight, 
		G			F 
But I might just have one more. 
After all what is Vodka for 
	F					G					C 
Apart from making you want to shag your best mate?s wife, 
	F					G					C 
And drowning out the guilt you feel about your perfect life?  


C		G		Am			Em		 
Fuck the poor, what is all this hoo-ha for? 
			Am				Em			F	G 
There?s only one reason I?ll phone 1800 034 034 
	F						Em 
It?s the force behind Teresa and the school that Oprah built, 
			F		G			C 
I?ll give you 50 bucks to take away my guilt. 

Fuck the poor, I?m not pretending any more 
That I really give two shits about some kids in Bangalore. 
I?m more interested in footy than seeing the Solomon?s rebuilt, 
But I?ll give you 50 bucks to take away my guilt.

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