Tiki Taane

Always On My Mind(Chords)

Tiki Taane

Key: F#m

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        Intro      F#m  /  E  /  Bm /  D x2 

Verses    F#m  /  E  /  Bm /  D  /  E 

Chorus   Bm  /  D  / A  /  G 

Oooooohh Ooooohh 
Yeh You're always on my mind 
Don't ya know that you're always 

I remember when .. when I first met you I knew just what to do 
I had to get to know .. to get to know you right,  
you're my darkness, you're my light. 

You're always on my mind, I've been waiting so long,  
for you I wrote this song .. girl you don't know what you got 
untill you're world has gone this is why our love is strong 


Girl you've got me singing with some melody 
You'e always on my mind,  this is what you do to me. 
Girl you've got me singing with some harmony 
Forever I'm your King and baby girl you're my Queen. 

I am not afraid .. Afraid to say the words, even if my brothers heard. 
Because of what you mean .. of what you mean to me ..  
you are giving everything. 

You have changed my life .. more than you'll ever know this is why I have to show girl  ..  
That you were everything and everything to me   
 Baby girl I hope you'll sing. 

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