Tiago Iorc

Yes And Nothing Less(Chords)

Tiago Iorc

Key: C

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Intro  C F/C C (2x) 

C      F/C          C 
Tell me, tell me a secret 
C          F/C          C 
And i will share some of mine 
C         F/C         C 
My steps led to your doorsteps 
      Am      F/C           C 
Your doorsteps soon became mine 

Am                     Em 
This home is where my heart is 
    Am               G         C  F/C  C (2x) 
My heart is where we both live 

C        F/C            C 
I'm sorry for acting so silly 

C        F/C             C 
Sometimes it gets in the way 
C                         F/C 
But i'm standing by your side 
No matter what may... 
  Am       F/C         C 
...tempt me not to get by 

Am                    Em 
I'll slip do fit into your dreams 

    Am                   G        C  F/C  C  C  Am  F/C  C 
And i'll dream until i'm put to sleep 

Am                 Em 
This breath is yet one less 
        Am                 Em 
I keep saying yes and nothing less 
         Am                    C   F/C 
Whatever little time there is left 
           C        F/C 
I want to share it 
             C        F/C 
You make it worth it (2x) 
         C       F/C      C  F/C 
I want to share it with you...

Written by Thiago Iorczeski

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