Third Time Out

New Faces In The Field(Chords)

Third Time Out

Key: E

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	        New Faces In The Field  
 E                         G#m  
 The Highway sun said the Georgia Line  
 A                 F#m  
 was twenty miles away.  
     E                       F#m                     B7    A  
 I thought I'd take a detour, and see the old home place.  
 E                     G#m                     A  
 I could have found my way back with my eyes closed,  
 and in the dark.  
       E                              B7                  E  
 This old dirt road 'aint on the map, I know the way by heart.  

A And the house still looks the same, E though the name on that old mailbox has been changed. A And the tractor turns the Earth, E That my daddy and a mule had plowed up first. C#m F#m As the memories return, and my eyes begin to burn. A B7 A E This old place, has new faces in the field.
The rocking chair is on the front porch Moved from the sudden wind. Its almost like my mom and dad, are sitting there again. I hear my brother calling me from his favorite, climbing tree But I'm just hearing echoes, of how things used to be. (Chorus)

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