The Weather Station

Running Around Asking(Chords)

The Weather Station

Key: D
D                     G        D        Em 
I went running around asking everybody I know 
  D                  G              D               Em 
I already asked my mother and the woman who lives next door 
              D           G                 D Em 
I've been running around asking for so long 
   D                  G                   D                   Em 
I wanted to ask my grandmother, but I couldn't get past the weather 
     D                     G             D                  Em 
But it was good to sit together, on her couch of seafoam green 
       D         G             D  Em 
All her secrets safe without me 
   D                            G         D Em 
And I called up a friend who lives very far away 
 D                           G               D                Em 
I took up all her time in asking, but she didn't know what to say 
      D               G                  D       Em 
I said I wouldn't keep her, and I set down the phone 
    D                 G           D          Em 
Whined from the receiver the muffled dial tone 
         D            G        D                Em 
You were outside smoking, standing out in the snow 
     D                      G             D           Em 
I've been running around asking like I don't already know 

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