The War On Drugs

Eyes To The Wind(Chords)

The War On Drugs

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Key: F
Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: F C G F 

F                               C 
I'm a sailing down here on the wind 
        G                         F 
when i met you, and I fell away again. 
F                               C 
Like a train in a verse down a dark road 
              G                             F 
carrying the whole load, just rattling the whole way home. 

F                    Em          G 
Have you fixed your eyes to the wind? 
                         Am  F             C       G     F 
Will you let it pull you in again, on the way back in 
               Em               G 
I'm a bit run down here at the moment 
                       Am F  C G  
Let me think about it babe,  
        F          C       G       F 
let me roll it 

 F                                   C 
There's a cold wind blowing down my old road 
down the back streets where the pines grow 
as the river splits the undertoes. 
But I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't mind 
         C                                    G 
Leave it hanging on the line, lost inside my head, 
is this the way I'll be denied again? 

F               Em          G 
So I'll set my eyes on the wind 
               Am F      C           G 
but it wont be easy to leave it all again. 
F               Em               G 
Just a bit run down here on the sea 
                 Am F       C      G            
There's just a stranger, living in me 

F  F  C  G (4x)

F               Em           G 
As you set your eyes to the wind 
                     Am    F         
and you see me float away again 
          C           G 
have you lost it on a friend? 
F               Em                G 
Just a bit run down here at the moment 
         Am    F       C      G 
I'm all alone here, living in darkness. 

F C G F  
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