The Temptations

I'm Losing You(Chords)

The Temptations

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Key: C

verse 1 
 Your love is fading I can feel your love fading 
F                C/G 
 Girl it's fading away from me 
 'Cause your touch, your touch, has grown cold 
 as if someone else controls your very soul 
 I fooled myself long as I can 
 I can feel the presence of another man 

verse 2 
 Girl, when you speak my name, it's just not the same 
F                  C/G 
 Whoo, oh baby, I'm losing you 
                                  F         C/G 
 It?s in the air, it's everywhere, Whoo, I'm losing you 
When I look into your eyes a reflection of a face I see 
I'm hurt, downhearted and worried girl 
'Cause that face doesn't belong to me 

C/G It's all over your face someone's takin' my place F C/G Whoo, Oh baby, I'm losing you C/G You see, it?s in the air, it's everywhere F C/G Whoa, baby, I'm losing you, oh yea,
Bridge F C/G I don?t want to lose you, no, no, no, Oh baby, oh baby, yea, yea, Cm Oooo, Oooo, mama, well, well, Oooo, baby, baby
C/G I can tell when we kiss, there?s something that I miss F C/G Oh baby, I'm losing you C/G I can feel it in my bones, any day you'll be gone F C/G Whoooo, oh I'm losing you
Tag C/G Cm F C/G Yay, yay, Oooo mama, baby, baby, baby, baby Cm F C/G Your love, your tender love, oh baby, I?m losing you
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