The Swift

Alive In Love(Chords)

The Swift

Key: A
Capo on 2nd fret
Intro:   A E F#m D 
A			    E  
I never knew how great Your love could be 
F#m			      D 
I can?t believe the price You paid for me 
Bm			    E 
You carried all my sin upon Your shoulders  
Bm			     E 
Now death could never take a hold of me  
E A I am alive in Love E You gave Your life to me Bm F#m D To show me the grace that my eyes couldn?t see E A I am alive in Love E A love that will never die Bm F#m D E A Jesus, Your Love is what keeps me alive Yea
A E After all that You have done for me F#m D All I can do is give You everything Bm E I want to lay my life down at Your feet, Lord Bm E Because You freely gave Your life to me Instrumental: F#m D Bm E (x2) Repeat Chorus

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