The Stillwater Hobos

Roaring Mary(Chords)

The Stillwater Hobos

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Key: A
 You?re a bear in a sheepskin coat  
       D                  A 
 And O?Donnell caught you on the boat  
 And three little piggies on Walkin street  
 Have gobbled up all your corn to eat.  

A D With a too-ra-loo-ra-loo-rae-ay A E A Whack fol da diddle loora-da-o-may.
A Now Buckeye jim has lost his way D A Saving his corn for a rainy day And North Country beagles did run awry E With a Billy O?Neil just a-wonderin? why. Refrão A I lost three dimes on a horse called Stewball, D A By a dozen lusty mares was called And when they got him back to his stable E Owner says I hope to God you?re able. Refrão A Had a girl by the banks of the Ohio D A Suckled by wind and rain and snow No honest man on earth could keep her E So she ran off with a Scottish preacher. A I had a girl called Roarin? Mary D A And with her I am feign to dally No hope left on that blind man?s table E So I?ll settle down with a cock-right fable. Refrão A Oh Roarin? Mary I beg your pardon D A Over by the hills near Craggie Garden There never was a skite like Dick McSherry E And never was a girl like Roarin? Mary! Refrão
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