The Statler Brothers

The Dreamer(Chords)

The Statler Brothers

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Key: G
Intro: G  C  C   G   G  C   G 

verse 1 
Joseph had a coat of many colors 
       F7                   D 
Joseph had a closet full of dreams 
That told how he would one day rule his brothers 
G                E                       D 
    And tore his life apart right at the seams 
             F7               D            G 
'Cause Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery 
         F7                      D 
And sent him on his way to Egypt land 

     F7                                 G 
And the day the dreamer started out for Egypt 
         E              F7 
The nightmare of Israel began 

Interlude: C   G    C   G    C   G 

verse 2 
        F7               D              G 
The dreamer made his bed in Pharaoh's kingdom 
                 F7          D 
But his master's woman layed for him 
         F7             D               G 
It seems she had her own dreams for the dreamer 
E                                      D 
And sent him up when he would not give in 

But Pharaoh got word about the dreamer 
D            F7          G           D 
  'Cause Pharaoh took to dreamin' on his own 
Pharaoh took a likin' to the dreamer 
E                       D          G 
Set him free and called him to the throne 

Interlude: G   C   G    C   G    C   G 

The dreams that he interpreted for Pharoah 
Told about the famine yet to come 
He rationed out the food to Pharaoh's kingdom 
D       F                       D 
  So there'd be enough for everyone 

verse 3 
            G7         G 
The dreamer sent a message to his father 
             G7           D 
Said, 'I'm alive and well in Egypt land' 
Said he'd made a place for them beside him 
         D          D                      F 
For them to come and share his dreams with him 

G  C     G    C     G   C    G      G 

G                 D         G7   G 
Joseph had a coat of many colors 
Joseph had a purpose to pursue 
           G7     G                G7 
Joseph had forgiveness for his brothers 
G            F      D                    G 
   The dreamer  had a dream and it came true 
F                  D                 G 
Yeah, Joseph had a dream and it came true 

Outro: G  C     G   C     G    C     G 
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