The Sausage Society

Happy With My Mustache(Chords)

The Sausage Society

Key: A

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	        Intro (Am Am/G Am Am/G Am Am/G Am Am/G Am Am/G Am/E) 

A                                              G 
In the city that I live I'm not an usual person 
A                                                    G 
I have planted my own seeds and cared for my own sons 

A                                                G 
I never cough any cold but the cure for me commom 
A                                                      G 
My mother may be old but I could learn a lot from...her 

A                                                          G   
I always made my own bread and have always bought my toasts 
A                                                                            G    
At 10 and a half I came out from bed and and listened to my wife as she spoke 

A            C                         G 
I wanna go home right now I don't wanna live with you anymore 
A                          C                        G 
If you don't leave your mustache for me I'm gonna walk out that door 

A                                                    G 
Back Then I was happy at all, couse I was so complete 
A                                                G 
I had some kids, a dog and a wife in love with me 

A                                                           G 
But something there really made me happy and a little insane 
A                                                              G 
I got that on a living and I'm not leaving it for godess sake! 


A             G 
So go, go away 
A                       C                   G 
I would not leave my mustache for you anyway 
A             G 
so go, go away 
A           C          G 
Maybe we'll meet someday

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