The Sandpipers


The Sandpipers

Key: A

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Amaj7    Dmaj7/A     Bm7/A    
Amaj7sus2    Amaj7    Aadd9    
Bm7/A    Amaj7sus2 

Verse 1:

Amaj7 Softly she comes Bm7/A E Amaj7 Whispers the breeze with her passing Bm7/A E A A7 In secret love she is laughing D/A Dm A Bm7/A Softly she comes.. in the night

Verse 2:

Amaj7 Softly she sighs Bm7/A E Amaj7 Sweetly she lies never sleeping Bm7/A E A A7 Her fragrance all in my keeping D/A Dm A D/A A D/A Softly she comes.. in the night


E Down the darkened hall D A I hear her footsteps on the stair E Esus E Then she is in my arms once more.......

Verse 3:

Amaj7 Then softly she goes Bm7/A E Amaj7 Her shinin' lips in the shadows Bm7/A E A A7 Whisper goodbye at my window D/A Dm A Softly she goes... in the dawn
Outro D/A G7 Softly she goes... Amaj7 Aadd9 Bm7/A* Bm7/A* Bm7/A* In the dawn........

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