The Rolling Stones

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven(Chords)

The Rolling Stones

Key: C

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	        Part I 

Intro: C  C7  F    C7   F  F7 

Verse 1:

C7 F I hear the sweet, sweet sounds of Heaven C F Fallin' down, fallin' down to this earth C C7 F I hear the sweet, sweetest sounds of Heaven C C7 F Driftin' down, driftin' down to this earth C Bb F Bless the Father, bless the Son, hear the sound of the drums C Bb F As it echoes through the valley and it bursts, yeah C Bb F Let no woman or a child go hungry tonight Dm Bb F Please protect us from the pain and the hurt, yeah

Verse 2:

C I smell the sweet scents (Sweet) C7 F Sweet scents of Heaven (Heaven) C7 Tumblin' down (Tumblin' down) F Tumblin' down to the earth (Oh) C I hear the sweet sounds (Sweet sounds) C7 F The sweet sounds (Ooh, the sweet sounds) of children C And they're praisin' (Praisin') F The land of their birth (No)
C Bb No, I'm not, not goin' to Hell F In some dusty motel C Bb And I'm not, not goin' down F In the dirt (Yes, yes, yes) C I'm gonna laugh (I'm gonna laugh) Bb I'm gonna cry (I'm gonna cry) F Eat the bread, drink the wine Dm Bb F 'Cause I'm finally, finally quenchin' my thirst, yeah


Gm You can't have a light without a little shadow, yeah F/A Always need a target for your bow and arrow Bb G I want to be drenched in the rain F Of your heavenly love, oh, yeah, c'mon
C Bb Let the music (Let the music) play loud (Play loud) F Let it burst (Let it burst) through the clouds (Through the clouds) C Bb And we all feel the heat F Of the sun, yeah C Yeah, let us sing Bb Let us shout (Let us shout) F Let us all stand up proud Dm Bb F Let the old still believe that they're young, yeah
Outro: C Bb F C Bb F Sweet, sweet sound C Bb Sounds so sweet (Oh, so sweet) F Sounds so sweet (So sweet) F Heaven, Heaven C Bb Down, falling down F Falling down to this earth Part II Intro: F Bb I hear the sweet sounds of Heaven F C Bb F Play me somethin', Stevie

Verse 1:

C Bb F I smell the sweet, sweet scents of Heaven C Bb Comin' down (Comin' down), comin' down (Comin' down) F To the earth (From the earth) C Oh yeah, oh yeah Bb Oh yeah, oh yeah F Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah C Yes, c'mon C Ooh, c'mon Bb C'mon, c'mon F C Bb C'mon, yeah, yeah
Outro: Bb F Hear the gods laughing from above F Of Heaven C Bb Fallin' down, fallin' down F C To this earth, oh, oh, oh, oh Bb Let me lay down and sleep F Oh, oh, Heaven, Heaven C Bb F Ooh, ooh, ooh

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