The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones

Key: C

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C* CHORD - not sure what 
G  G7  D  D7  C  C*  -- 2x's                                            this chord is 
      (Two, one, two)                                                      E -6- 
                                                                                    B -5- 
G -5- G G7 D D7 C C7 D -5- Melody (Melody) it was her second name A -3- G G7 D D7 C C7 E -3- Melody (Melody) it was her second name G G7 D D7 C C* Melody (Melody) it was her second name G G7 D D7 C C7 Melody (Melody) it was her second name
VERSE: G D C C7 G Came home one morning about quarter to three G D C C7 G I'm bangin' on my door 'cause I just lost my key C C7 G7 A Open up, baby, you got someone else inside D (N.C.) D (N.C.) I'm gonna come and get ya dead or alive Chorus: VERSE: I took her out dancin' but she drank away my cash She said, I'm gonna fix my face, don't you worry I'll be back I 'm looking for her high and low, like a mustard for a ham She was crashed down in the bathroom In the arms of my best friend Chorus: VERSE: Then one day she left me, she took everything that moved My car, she took my trailer home, she took my Sunday boots My nose is on her trail, I'm gonna catch her by surprise And then I'm gonna have the pleasure To roast that child alive Chorus: PLAY Chorus TO FADE OUT 'SCATTING' ALL THE WAY - IMPROVISE ON LYRICS - any questions, comments or corrections e-mail me at: [email protected]

Written by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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