The Rolling Stones

Lady Jane(Chords)

The Rolling Stones

Key: D

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	        D                C                     G   D 
    My sweet Lady Jane, when I see you again,  
                    C                    G     D 
    your servant am I and will humbly remain, 
E7                   Am            D7             G 
    Just hear this plea my love,     on bended knees my love, 
C               D7           Am 
    I pledge myself to Lady Jane. 
  D                 C                      G   D 
    My dear Lady Anne, I've done what I can, 
                     C                    G   D 
    I must take my leave, for promised I am. 
E7                Am            D7                G 
    This play is run my love,     your time has come my love, 
C                     D7           Am 
    I've pledged my troth to Lady Jane. 
  D                 C                   G     D 
    Oh my sweet Marie, I wait at your ease, 
                        C                       G   D 
    the sands have run out,  for your lady and me. 
E7               Am           D7                 G 
    Wedlock is nigh my love,     her station's right my love, 
C              D7             Am 
    life is secure with Lady Jane. 


Written by Jagger / Richards

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