The Rolling Stones

Just My Imagination ( Running Away With Me )(Chords)

The Rolling Stones

Key: A

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	        INTRO:  CAN PLAY:   A   D -- 4x's   AND/OR: 
 E ---------------------------------------------------------5-- 
 B ---------------------------------------------------------7-- 
     sl.         sl.                    sl. 
 G -7/9*--7---6/7*/9*--7---6h7/9*-9--7---6h7-9-9----9/7*----7-- 
       NOTE: *-means do not strike the note. 
 D ---------------------------------------------------------7-- 
 A ---------------------------------------------------------5-- 
 E ---------------------------------------------------------5--
VERSE: A D A D I look out my window watch her as she passes by A D A D I say to myself I'm such a lucky guy A D A D To have a girl like her is a dream come true A D A D And of all the girls in New York she loves me true
A D It was just my imagination, once again A D Running away with me A D It was just my imagination A D Running away with me
VERSE: Soon we'll be married and raise a family Two boys for you, what about two girls for me I tell you I am just a fellow with a one track mind Whatever it is I want baby I seek and I shall find I'll tell ya Chorus: INSTRUMENTAL: A D -- 8x's BREAK: A Every night I hope and pray 'Dear Lord, hear my plea Don't ever let another take her love from me E Or I will surely die' A Her love is ecstasy When her arms unfold me I hear her tender rhapsody But in reality, she doesn't even know me Chorus: Chorus: INSTRUMENTAL: PLAY CHORDS TO Chorus Chorus: (THEN) ........ RUN-A-WAY, RUN-A-WAY, ETC.... TO FADE OUT any questions, comments or corrections e-mail me at: [email protected]

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